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Are UJEN’s products made in Taiwan?
  Yes, they are all made in Taiwan, as we insist on localized production, as part of Taiwan’s new economy.
Q2: Is UJEN a manufacturer?
  Yes, we are an experienced production manufacturer, not an importer.
Q3: Can UJEN design and manufacture tool (mold)?
  Yes, we came from the background of design and manufacture of plastic injection molding and had accumulated professional expertise and quality service, since 1982.
Q4: Is there customization service available?
  Yes, no how special the dimensions and appearance, UJEN can always evaluate your customization demands which we have always strived to fulfill.
What if UJEN’s current product offering cannot meet your needs?
  We are happy to collaborate in developing special projects to meet your demands. Please kindly contact us for more details.
Do UJEN’s products have obtained sustainable certifications?
  Yes, all of our products have obtained ROHS certification for shipment to any country around the world.
Q7: What’s the general material breakdown?
  Most products are of new materials PA6 + 15% GF.
Q8: Any specification to threads?
  Yes, our thread specification is of grade 2, and if there is other specification demand, we can customize to suit.
Q9: What about the delivery schedule?
  With component inventory on hand, products can be assembled within one week before dispatching shipment.
Q10: What purposes can the colored circles on knobs serve?
  It can serve as part of the Corporate Identity scheme, the overall product color scheme, and as an expression of functionality or action.
Q11: Why does the circle of the knobs have 4 variations?
  In order to resonate with the rich diversity of modern product design, we have created 4 different shapes to complement the shapes of knobs, in articulating a unique sense of visual aesthetics.


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