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Zinc alloy Adjustable Handles - A510
Product Intro :

Handle : Zinc

Nut:Powder metallurgy

Screw : Steel (dyed black)

RoHS REACH compliant

360° 3D Viewer


Adjustable Handle Levers Product Features:

UJEN handles are all thickened gear shaftsdurability is greatly improved, as opposed to Zinc alloy handles of other brands, as you will see after using them, while 2 color-matching combinations offer unique selections.
The large fulcrum leverage of adjustable handle with adjustable angles means easy-to-use and not interfering at all.
The handle is Zinc alloy material, with high hardness, high strength, corrosion resistant, fire-retardant, quality and stability.
The button of handle is Polyamide with glass fiber, with characteristics of high rigidity, high strength, high toughness, high heat-resistance, flame-proof, and consistency.
The color scheme of the Levers can be customized according  to customer requirements.
The handles are ergonomically designed for optimal handling.
Nuts, as well as the end of the screw, are treated with the angle of chamfer!


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    Zinc alloy Adjustable Handles - A500
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