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Wing knobs - K350
Product Intro :

Knob: Polyamide with 15% glass fiber

Nut /Screw: Zinc-plated steel

RoHS REACH compliant

360° 3D Viewer


Clamping Knobs are Also Called:

Tensioning knobs| Lobe knobs| Plastic knob screws| Plastic head screws| Clamping levers| Injection Screw| Plastic knob nut| 

Plastic handle screw Product Features:

Clamping knob, also known as, Plastic Head Screw, tensioning knobs or Injection Screw, offers the function of being able to loose nut or screw without tool usage, which makes it suitable for application at locations that constantly require dismantle.
This clamping knob comprises of nylon and fiberglass materials, with characteristics of high rigidity, high strength, high toughness, high heat-resistance, flame-proof, and consistency.
The color scheme of the clamping knob can be customized according  to customer requirements.
The knobs are ergonomically designed for optimal handling.
The end of the screw, is treated with the angle of chamfer!


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