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Warning Indexing plungers - PW100
Product Intro :

Knob: Polyamide with 15% glass fiber

Screw / pin: Zinc-plated steel

RoHS REACH compliant

360° 3D Viewer


The product is stepped up, it can easier and faster to use.

Operation Instructions:

When pulling up knows and turning clock-wise, the core stud can then become fixed, so as to allow users to more rapidly and conveniently adjust expansion tubing. After adjustment is completed, and then turning the knob counter-clockwise, the core stud shall automatically recoil back into the insertion hole, and if not inserted, the top circle would pop up as a reminder!

Indexing plungers with Clamping Knob Product Features:

The main feature of this style of knob with Indexing Plunger is when the latch has not yet inserted into the opening; the inner circle portion would pop up as reminder.
This clamping knob comprises of nylon and fiberglass materials, with characteristics of high rigidity, high strength, high toughness, high heat-resistance, flame-proof, and consistency.
The color scheme of the clamping knob can be customized according  to customer requirements.
The knobs are ergonomically designed for optimal handling.
The circle has 6 colors to choose from, which is ideal to form your brand identity.


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