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Plastic handle screw Manufacture with Global Vision


The Global Expert of Plastic handle screw 

UJEN is a highly professional and distinctive plastic handle screw manufacturer. UJEN Development Co., Ltd. founded in 1994, more than more than 20 years. Keep growing and thriving under the leadership of a professional management team. Using good technical capabilities and innovative characteristics to contiune expansion of the global market.

UJEN’s production of components of the characteristics is consistent and smooth Operation - R&D, precision molding, injection molding, processing, manufacturing/assembly, packaging all in one-handed, and technically obtained a lot of patent certification recognition. Using the flexibility to meet the challenge, with innovation to grasp the opportunity to adhere to excellent quality, to provide customers with the most completed services!

UJEN products are not only highly professional but also diversified, such as: plastic handle screws,clamping knob,control plastic knobs. Let fitness, medical and other related needed by industry’s customers, there are more high-quality choices.

The product uniqueness of the Plastic handle screw

Handle screws also name fixed handle, plastic handle screws, handle nut screws, T-word handle, fastening handle. UJEN produced the plastic handle screws for nylon and fiberglass material, the characteristics of high rigidity, high strength, height toughness, high heat resistance, flame retardant, stable quality. T-type design, so that the torque is large, can easily lock the object, the exclusive lid has seven colors to choose from, can be used as your brand recognition.

In addition to providing plastic handle screws production services, UJEN also provides customized clamping knobs, a more well-known supplier on the control plastic knobs. Its production of customized clamping knobs provides a strong grip or secure control through the use of Texturing, knurling, or lobes. UJEN’s clamping knobs provide every possible option to suit an array industrial applications. Therefore, the control plastic knobs are made of the inner and outer colors can according to the customer's needs.

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