UJEN Development your Best Partner of Control Plastic Knobs Supplier

When Taiwan's medical, biological and other technologies flourishes on the international stage, we are fortunate to be the cornerstone of the bottom of the pyramid! UJEN are persisted to be your Best ...   >more

With Clamping Knobs, Indexing Plungers Are Better Than Themselves

Different from other factories, UJEN has development department, molding department, injection department, and assembly department to match customers’ requirements and manufacture customized clamping ...   >more

The Top Choice of Clamping Levers Adjustable handles

UJEN industrial produce Clamping levers adjustable handles and Customized clamping knob two mechanical parts started, through upholding the spirit of professionalism and continuous improvement, in the...   >more

Boutique lobe knobs

In addition to the lobe knobs, UJEN also products, custom control knobs suppliers , indexing plungers ,tensioning knobs ⋯, etc., all of our products are designed from the R&D to the production, so we ...   >more

Make your unique product become the Best, UJEN Plastic head knob supplier

Not only this kind of the plastic head knob, it also has a variety of different types to match the needs of a variety of different tools, such as clamping knob, indexing plungers, tensioning knobs, lo...   >more
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