Plastic Handle Screw Manufacturer building the product’s high quality foundation

The plastic handle screw also named Fixed handle also known handle nut screws, T-word handles, fastening handles. The plastic handle screw is made of nylon and glass fiber, and its characteristics are...   >more

Are You Looking for A Custom Control Knobs Supplier?

Outstanding means extraordinarily perfect in every situation and every field. There are many custom control knobs suppliers in Taiwan, but it is hard to find a really outstanding custom control knobs ...   >more

Building the world’s Recognized Quality by Cooperating with Plastic Handle Screw Manufacturer

We all believe that we are not new to the word of the handle, may think of the handle on the door or the car pedal and other stable direction of the handle. The handle to be introduced later is not th...   >more

UJEN Development your Best Partner of Control Plastic Knobs Supplier

When Taiwan's medical, biological and other technologies flourishes on the international stage, we are fortunate to be the cornerstone of the bottom of the pyramid! UJEN are persisted to be your Best ...   >more

With Clamping Knobs, Indexing Plungers Are Better Than Themselves

Different from other factories, UJEN has development department, molding department, injection department, and assembly department to match customers’ requirements and manufacture customized clamping ...   >more
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