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Professional clamping knob manufacturer in Taiwan

UJEN Development Co., Ltd. offers a variety of highly standardized plastic indexing plungers with clamp knobs suitable for most consumer and industrial applications. We offer customized products, incl...   >more

5 Things to Know about Indexing Plungers

When you first heard about the word “indexing plunger", you may consider it as a kind of machine component and only mechanics know how to use it. However, the frequency of using indexing plungers in o...   >more

Meep up with The Top Clamping Knob Manufacturer in Taiwan

Industry is one of Taiwan's key development industries, and it can be said to be a pillar of Taiwan's economy. Many different kind industry products such as textile machines, cutting machines, etc. To...   >more

Clamping Levers Adjustable Handles Made with Nylon and Glass Fiber

If you have ever used a tripod to steady your camera to take a picture or firm up your cell phone to shot a video selfie, then you have used clamping levers adjustable handles.   >more

How Professional manufacturer build the breakthrough of the indexing plungers?

As the saying goes, a person is important no matter what position he or she is. If for a machine, even a small indexing plunger is enough to affect the whole product’s quality. Indexing plungers are a...   >more
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