UJEN Development Co., Ltd. was named with the following four folds of meanings:
"U" stands for Uniqueness
"J"  stands for Jaunty, as in richness in colors, and in liveliness.
"E"  stands for Esthetics and Ergonomics in design
"N" stands for Noble, in helping customers elevating values.


There was a saying that, no matter what one’s role is, it is always an important role; So, for a machine, even a small screw, it would have an impactful effect on the whole. Therefore, the quality of screws, the handling of knobs and esthetics in design, all has effects on the overall quality of machines. To this end, we strive to develop comfortable, esthetically pleasing, durable and special hardware accessories, all in the name of elevating competitive edge for our customers!



With industry-unique styling and color scheme in design, every product type has 4 types of styling esthetics (Concave, Plane, Convex, and Dot), and 4 colors for each of inner circle and central circle, which offers almost 200 combinations, we give you unique styling to your products while optimizing your competitive edge!

 Business Persistence

Create High Added Value, Enhance Your Products Competitiveness.

 Business Philosophy

Accessories are not only accessories but also quality products that elevate value

 Professionalism: Customization

UJEN originated as a professional mold manufacturer, as all knobs and handles seen on our website are all made from UJEN molding. With our mold expertise, UJEN is more than happy to collaborate on the development of your exclusive products.

 First-rate Service

UJEN is not just a brand of superior-quality products, as we serve our customers with consistent service quality of customer-first mindset, manifested in passionate greetings of our employees, to the professional care extended by our production teams, epitomizing our expectation of bringing satisfaction with our products to our customers.

Below are UJEN's standard packing and boxing procedures, as we also offer tailor-made service to fulfill customized packing requests.





adjustable handle, plastic handle, nylon glass fiber handle, Pull Fixed Knob, adjustable fixed knob, adjustable fixed handle, fixed function handle/knob, lobe knob, pentagon knob, star knob, plastic knob, clamping knob, clamping handle, five lobe knob, small knob, special knob, three-arm knob, triangle Knob, two lobe knob, dodecagon knob, octagon knob, two-arm knob, security handle, safe handle, finger touch knob

Our products are all suitable for CNC lathes, grinding machines, sewing machines, woodworking machines, drilling machines, cutting machines, tapping machines, band saws, conveyor belts, processing machines, robotic arms, universal cutter grinders, office chair chassis, treadmills, segue machines, fitness equipment, medical equipment, examination machines, testing machines, experiment machines, fans, LED lamps, pneumatic tools, hydraulic equipment, pressure control machines, various brackets, labeling machines, blow molding machines , film extrusion machines, computer peripherals, automatic feeder, dust collector, semiconductor or precision equipment, various processing machines, various packaging machines, rehabilitation equipment, photographic equipment, computer brackets, linear slides, agricultural machinery, toolbox , tool holders, process equipment, etc.

Whenever screws or nuts are needed to tighten or loosen with bare hands, our tools are just the tools you need.


UJEN Development Co., Ltd. was founded in 1994 as a manufacturer of stationary, souvenirs, table clocks, etc. In 2003, in view of Taiwan’s prosperity in industrial development, UJEN entered into the development and manufacturing of industrial components, with departments of development, molding, injection, and assembly, with a streamlined value chain of development and design, precision molding, injection, processing manufacturing, and assembly and packing. In 2007 and 2012, UJEN products received patent certification.


A new factory was set up. It's called "Yo-Da mold factory."
Professional manufacturing: Plastic molding, zinc-aluminum molding, bakelite molding, and hollow molding.
Another new company was set up. It's called "Yo-Jia Development Co., Ltd."
Converting to development of stationary, souvenirs, and table clock
In view of Taiwan's prosperity in industrial development, we entered into the development and manufacturing of industrial components, with departments of development, tooling, injection, and assembly, with a streamlined value chain of development and design, precision tooling, injection, processing manufacturing, and assembly and packing.
Products developed by us have received patent certification.
To Integrate and enhance the brand image of our company. 
We changed a new name, called "HANDLE" Development Co., Ltd.
And also changed the new website: www.HandleTaiwan.com
We changed a new name again for Brand integration, named "UJEN" Development Co., Ltd.



We are professional molding since 1982. All of products are made by ourselves.

We have CNC Lathes machines to customize products that you need.

We have inventory.

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